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Thomas Cook Group Airline donates € 71,200 for breast cancer research

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Thomas Cook Group Airline donates € 71,200 for breast cancer research

Friday, November 2, 2018– Thomas Cook Group Airline has raised £70,000 for breast cancer charities in October through its FlyPink initiative. The donations will be used to raise cancer awareness, early detection, care and research.

During October, International Breast Cancer Awareness month, thousands of employees joined in the FlyPink campaign. In exchange for a donation, pilots, cabin crew and ground staff added a touch of pink to their uniform, with pilots swapping their gold striped epaulettes for pink ones, cabin crew wore pink ties and scarves and offices across the Group Airline turned into a sea of pink with lanyards, pins and more.

Customers in the UK also joined in, generously donating on board aircraft when flying to and from their holidays.

Thomas Cook Airlines’ aircraft wore the pink ribbon to show support, too.An A320 and an A330 have carried the FlyPink message with a ribbon decal throughout Europe and the world.

It makes me proud to see our dedicated employees and customers stand united and take part in the FlyPink campaign, donate money and support such a worthy cause. About 1 in 8 women born today will be touched by breast cancer at some point in their lives and I am very pleased that we can support to raise awareness and fund research on breast cancer,”says Christoph Debus, Group Airline Chief Officer.

FlyPinkis a global aviation industry initiative to support organisations around the world who support the research and treatment of breast cancer. Driven by Thomas Cook Airlines Captain, Linton Foat, Thomas Cook Airlines’ pilots were the first in Europe to support FlyPink in 2016. The campaign immediately took off and this year, all employees across the Group Airline, flying as well as ground staff, have participated.

The receiving organisations are:

Denmark:Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Germany:Deutsche Krebshilfe

UK:Macmillan Cancer Support


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